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We provide a range of SER services, from qualitative and quantitative research to product and message evaluation
Digital Signage SER

Create + test targeted, custom content

Sertain will work with you to help you both create and test messages that have more emotional stopping power in a digital signage format.

Today digital signage is the number two reach media behind television and the number one fastest growing media. Sertain’s narrowcasting options include scanning your audience and playing messages from a pre-established playlist that matches their gender. Potential customers can now be addressed in an entirely new and customized way, based on their individual needs. Advertisers no longer need to bombard people with unnecessary information. Sertain’s digital signage solution delivers specifically targeted content, which is customized and useful to the individual.

Imagine a person entering a shopping mall and receiving customized messages based on age or gender. Information retrieved with this software can either be collected, or integrated with other software solutions. For instance a playlist can be triggered which shows different movies depending on the gender. A unique example of this is a campaign by a non-profit organization which shows movies to women only, in order to raise gender awareness. Another option is to collect the data in a central server for statistics.

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