Sertain Services

We provide a range of SER services, from qualitative and quantitative research to product and message evaluation
Online and Offline Research

Research emotional response anywhere

Sertain’s customer intelligence engine has powerful strategic diversity: we can help your business with a multi­‐level research delivery, beginning wherever…

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Market Surveys

Create synergy with SER and traditional survey techniques

Market surveys, intellectual capital development, market trend analysis, market forecasting, cluster and segmentation analysis, factor analysis, correlation analysis.

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New Product Development

Sertain’s SER Kiosk makes it easy to test on location

Sertain is creating new windows for measuring consumer response with the “self serve” Sertain SER Kiosk for use in public locations.

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Sertain SER Web-based Solutions

Conduct SER research online almost anywhere in the world

Today many clients don’t want to convene conventional lab-setting focus groups. You want online response to a message in a variety of cities, perhaps multiple countries.

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Message EQ Evaluation

Test emotional stopping power

Sertain gives you a simple methodology to score how your movie trailer or brand communication
scores in emotional response norms against….

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Digital Signage SER

Create + test targeted, custom content

Sertain will work with you to help you both create and test messages that have more emotional
stopping power in a digital signage format.

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